White Squirrel

There are many tree squirrels on trees nearby my house in Pune. My house is bit outskirts of Pune & there is a good plantation in the nearby area.  I spotted a strange movement & thought that it might be some different bird. Surprisingly it was a juvenile white tree squirrel.

White Squirrel

White Squirrel White Squirrel


I don’t know if it is a normal habitat of these squirrels in Pune or not.

I saw same sized many juvenile squirrels but only this one is odd. Is it possible that this is tree squirrel but born white due to some deficiencies? Experts, please comment.

I hope this cute animal doesn’t become prey to Shikra or any other raptor due to lack of camouflage.

Goa – always evergreen

Goa is one of my favorite places in India to relax & enjoy holidays.  I try to visit Goa once a year.

Goa is about 460 KMs from Pune – a direct drive via Nipani. We started from Pune on Friday evening & stayed in Sangli at night. Sangli is my native place so I took a diversion. But if anyone planning to take a break during travel to Goa, Kolhapur is a good pit stop. Next morning we drove from Sangli to Goa via Nipani, Amboli.

Weather at Amboli Ghat was very hot, still, we stopped for few minutes to view the glimpse of the valley. Famous Amboli waterfall was dry.

Valley view from Amboli Ghat

Valley view from Amboli Ghat

View of Sahyadri Mountain from Amboli Ghat showing layers in rocks.
View of Sahyadri Mountain from Amboli Ghat showing layers in rocks.







This year we stayed near Anjuna beach. I had booked studio apartment at Laguna Anjuna resort. This resort is not that great.  It has a theme of old  Goan Portuguese house. All studio apartments are made up of red rock and old style. The pool was not clean and the food was not so exciting. I think reviews on TripAdvisor are very old.  But one plus point for this hotel is, it is very close to Anjuna beach, just about 15 minutes walk.

A beautiful hanging created by planting in dry coconut.
A beautiful hanging created by planting in dry coconut.
betel nut tree at Laguna Anjuna
Supari – betel nut tree at Laguna Anjuna









In this trip, we spent most of the time on Anjuna beach. It was very hot weather in Goa. But it was windy on the beach so heat was not a big problem.

Sunset at Anjuna beach
Sunset at Anjuna beach

Sunset at Anjuna beach Sunset at Anjuna beach was beautiful & evenings were pleasant as the wind was a cooling day-long heat.

There are many shacks on this beach serving you good food & drinks.



Next day we visited Aguada fort. This is well maintained & well-preserved seventeenth-century Portuguese fort built on high rock.  There is a lighthouse on this fort.  We see a beautiful view of the Arabian sea, Panjim City and port of Goa. You can also see Goa jail from this fort. 

Fort Aguada - Light house
Fort Aguada – Lighthouse


Goa Jail view from Fort Aguada
Goa Jail view from Fort Aguada

Panjim view from Fort Aguada Fort Aguada

Fort Aguada
Fort Aguada



























Overall trip was very good & relaxing. While returning we drove from Anjuna, Goa to Pune in one day. It took me about 9 to 10 hours with decent breaks in Kolhapur and Satara.

It was a well deserved short break for me & my family.

Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary ( मयुरेश्वर अभयारण्य )

We have added a new page with information about Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary ( मयुरेश्वर अभयारण्य  )  .

Visit link below to know more about Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary near Pune



International Kite Festival Pune 2014.

International Kite Festival Pune 2014.

The first international kite festival in the city was held at Shri Shiv Chhatrapati Krida Sankul at Mhalunge-Balewadi on January 26, 2014, Republic Day.
Kites of various sizes and shapes like that of a whale, Panda, Teddy Bear etc were flying in the sky.

This was a well-organized event by Sakal Group. Few glimpses in video http://youtu.be/qHg_NWm1j9M

Some photos from the event …


horse shaped kite beautiful diamond shaped kite whale shaped kite octopus shaped kite

Sinhgad – Powada of Tanaji Malusare & Shivaji Maharaj

Sinhagad, Sinhgarh, or Sinhgad (Marathi: सिंहगड, The Lion’s Fort), is a fortress located roughly 30 kilometres southwest of the city of Pune, India. Previously called Kondhana (Marathi: कोंढाणा).

We frequently visit Sinhgad fort. This video was taken on fort near “Samadhi” of Tanaji Malusare. Local narrator Shahir Dimbale gave us information about importance of Kondhana Killa ( Sinhgad ) & sung a Powada of Tanaji Malusare & Shivaji Maharaj .

Narration is in Marathi Language.
Place : Sinhgad Fort , Maharashtra , District : Pune
Date : Saturday : 10 / Jul/2011

Birds from Jath & Sangli


Above bird is – Black Shouldered Kite (कापशी घार) – I saw it on Sangli – Islampur road near Ashta.


Above one & below two photos are of The Rufous-tailed Lark (Ammomanes phoenicura) also sometimes called the Rufous-tailed Finch-Lark

The photo was taken at Jath – Sangli district

IMG_1804 IMG_1798

Below is Grey Francolin in Marathi or Hindi it is called as Teetar तितर

– at Jath – Sangli district

Teetar - Grey Francolin

Rajgad Trek Video

Happy days are here again. Its monsoon and good time for trekkers.   Last year ( Aug-2012) we had fantastic trek of Rajgad fort.   I have posted a video 16 minute video of this trek on you tube. This is HD video of trek from Chor Darwaja way- Gunjawane Village. We also visited Balekilla , Suvela Machi.

URL of Video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uCu_iJYhmk

P.S. There are more details about Rajgad trek from year 2011 on post http://www.iphotic.com/2011/09/rajgad-fort-trekking/