Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary

Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary ( मयुरेश्वर अभयारण्य  ) is a very small Wildlife Sanctuary in Pune district. It is near Village Supe in Baramati district. This small are is a microhabitat for Chinkara – चिंकारा  ( Indian Gazelle ) . The Chinkara is slender bodied antelope. Multiple wild animals such as foxy , wolf , hyena etc can be seen as per locals. You can also see variety of birds Long tailed Shrike , Silver Bill , white shouldered kite , Ashy-crowned Sparrow Lark, Gray Francolin et.

How to go there ?

It is 72 Kilometers from Pune  via Pune – Solapur highway. If you are driving, take left from Chaufula on Pune Solapur road towards Supe village. After about 10 KM you will arrive at a fork . Take left from there and with in one KM you will see a board & office of Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary on your left

Take Permits before entering into Sanctuary : Visit Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary office right at the entrance and pay a fee of Rs 30 per person and Rs 50 per camera. You will get a permit to enter Sanctuary. People in this office are very friendly & they will guide you how to go there what to see. You will also get a information brochure.

This is one of the very few Sanctuaries where you can drive your own vehicles.

Information Brochure – Click on images below to read pages  of brochure.

wildlife sanctuary

























Photos of Wildlife

Chinkara Ashy Crowned Sparrow Lark IMG_1446 Chikara herd

You have to drive your vehicles on such roads.
You have to drive your vehicles on such roads.

Long-tailed Shrike or Rufous-backed Shrike


4 thoughts on “Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary”

  1. Hi Rajesh,

    I visited the place some time in February of 2014 .
    I am not sure if they have changed the rule recently .
    But nothing to worry about it.
    This is a very small sanctuary you can take a walk .

    We also parked vehicle after sometime and took a stroll on trails.

    1. I have visited sanctuary on 2 nd Aug 2015. Allowed to take your own vehicle inside after proper registration at the gate. Also you can walk.

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