Rajgad – The first kingdom of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

Rajgad – the beautiful fort is located to the south-west of Pune about 60 KM from Pune city center.  Rajgad is situated on a hill which was formerly called as Murumdev Hill ( मुरुंबदेवाचा डोंगर ). Rajgad fort was established as the first kingdom of Maratha Empire by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.  This fort has tremendous importance in Maratha empire history as it was the active center of Maratha empire establishment for the first 26 years.  Shivaji Maharaj stayed here for the highest number of days of his life. 

I have visited this fort many times for trekking. Click here to view the last post which has photos from summer.  This time I visited the fort with my friend Arvind and we created a documentary video about the fort. This video is published on IndiaTravelVids YouTube channel. You can see beautiful greenery and flowers after the monsoon season in this video. 


Historical Events on Rajgad 

The fort has stood witness to many significant historical events including the birth of Chhatrapati Shivaji’s son “Rajaram Chhatrapati”, the death of Shivaji’s Queen Saibai, the return of Shivaji from Agra, the burial of Afzal Khan’s head in the Mahadarwaja walls of Balle Killa.

The Rajgad Fort was also one of the 17 forts that Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj kept when he signed the Treaty of Purandar in 1665, with the Mughal general Jai Singh I, leader of the Mughal forces. Under this treaty, 23 forts were handed over to the Mughals.

– Source Wikipedia 

– More historical information about the fort can be found on Marathi  Wiki  ( राजगड ) 

Trekking and hiking 

Rajgad is the destination for every trekker in Maharashtra because of its beautiful view and historical importance. There are various places to see on the fort. Suvela Machi, Padmavati tank, Rajwada ( remains of the palace ), Padmavati temple, Sanjivanee machi, balekilla. 

Nowadays there are two main paths which can be used to climb the fort. One starts at Gunjawane Village. From the highway, at Nasarapur take road towards Velhe. From Sakhar village take the route to Gunjavane.   At Gunjawane village vehicles can be parked by paying small fees. 

Another main route is from Pali Daravaja  .From Kharive village – after crossing Kanand river we can take this route. This route is relatively simple and has steps in good condition. 

On weekends, some villagers sell food and water bottles however in lean seasons it’s difficult to get food and trekkers should carry their own food. 

Please enjoy the video above for more information. I would love to know your feedback. 


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