Kalavantin Durg

Kalavantin Durg ( कलावंतीण दुर्ग ) is also called as Kalavantinicha Sulaka ( pinnacle ) . This fort is actually not a separate fort but it is an extension of prabalgad. Prabalgad lies on the Prabal plateau between Matheran and Panvel and can be seen from the Mumbai-Pune Expressway.

File photo of Kalavantin Durg from Wikipedia
File photo of Kalavantin Durg from Wikipedia

Kalavantin Durg has always amazed me . I had only seen photos of it’s beautiful view from Pabal gad . With start of monsoon , this was the first trek we decided to attempt. Girikujan a pune based trekking club arranged a trek to Kalavantin durg. We ( Rahul Bagal, Santosh Vasekar & Aniruddha Sune ) immediately enrolled for it.

On Sunday 21st Jun 2015, we started in a bus at 6:00 AM from Kinara hotel , Kothrud Pune. There were about 30 odd people joined this trek.

It was raining heavily all over the pune mumbai old highway. On old highway after Shedung toll , we took a right turn and reached base village Thakurwadi. Just before thakurwadi a road goes towards fort. There is a small area where we can park our vehicles . Treak starts with beautiful view of prabalgad and kalavantin durg.

View of fort from base

initially it’s easy walk and then climb starts . There is a good road for couple of kilometers. Then the pathway becomes narrow. There is a board about information of fort. On the way carvings of Ganapati & Maruti can be seen.

information about fort Road to top

It was raining all day so I could not capture many photos.  So this post has very few photos of trek.

We reached at prabal machi and had some breakfast. We carried our own food with us.

On prabal machi there are few homes and they may provide food & tea.

View from Prabal Machi

Kalavatin pinnacle was getting closer .  Pathway became very narrow. We  were going through woods and water stream. Then we came to main rock tusk . Beautifully carved stairs on rock & valley on another side. One with fear of height can not think of climbing it.  Slowly one by one we climbed to top of the fort. There is a small plateau and a rock patch at the top of it .

top most rock patch

Climbing this rock is not very easy. There are many notches & can be used for grip. Our group leader & experienced members did an excellent job in guiding entire team to climb the rock patch and stairs.

Getting down from stairs was very thrilling. It started raining heavily. Drops of water were hitting face and going into ear. Without loosing focus , very slowly & carefully we stepped down all stairs.

This experience can not be stated in words. See below video to get a gist of it.

Hiking down was now a very easy task after lunch at Prabal Machi.

Thank you Girikujan for arranging this awesome trek !

Author: Rahul Bagal

Information Technology professional by career & a hobbyist photographer, trekker .

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    Machi Prabal is an ancient and beautiful village. It is situated half-way up a mountain (such a plateau or ledge is called a “Machi” in Marathi) at the base of the fort Prabalgad. Because of the two forts Prabalgad and Kalavantin and the natural beauty of the surrounding regions, many visitors and fort-enthusiasts are attracted to this place.
    To fully explore this area, you will need at least two days. However, many visitors have had some difficulty in finding food and lodging near this village. Some visitors would return home after one day tour and others would spend the night sleeping outdoors on the grass and eating whatever they could bring or manage to obtain. It is also hard for ladies and children to stay here comfortably.

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