Physical fitness for trekking / hiking

Maharashtra state is having many beautiful forts for hiking & enjoying nature.  Are you planning to go trekking for first time or after many years?  Wait!  To enjoy all the nature by climbing these forts, one need some level of physical fitness.

Unless you are doing regular exercise & not overweight, I recommend following before you try any trek or hiking.

  1. Jogging – Jogging for continuous 30 minutes. Can you do 30 minutes of jogging without getting exhausted or excessive fatigue? If not then don’t try long hikes immediately. By doing regular exercise get up to that level.
  2. Go for small hill climb and climb it fast & see if you can handle it. Or at least see if you can climb 7 story building two times in 10 minutes.
  3. For the first trek choose a smaller fort and near to city so that you get medical help quickly.
  4. Drop in sugar level may cause Fatigue, Feeling faint. Carry water bottle & glucose for quick recovery. Keep yourself hydrated with water.

Obesity and overweight is hurdle between you and nature. If you are overweight and willing to lose weight, I believe in low carb diet way; be like Paleolithic man. Human species evolved since millions of years by hunting, eating fruits and vegetables but no grains or sugar. In last ten thousand years with invention of agriculture our food drastically changed to grains (carbohydrates – sugar). “During several million years of evolution, early humans only had access to low-starch high-cellulose carbohydrate plant food. But we learned how to grow high-starch low-cellulose carbohydrate… which we call wheat, rice, corn, potato, etc.” – This is the problem. Steve Gibson is a computer researcher and a smart scientist. He has done good research on this subject and presented his thoughts in a podcast. It’s a new healthy lifestyle.

You can listen to podcast in MP3 format to understand this new lifestyle and science behind human biology.

The Sugar Hill” – Parts 1 – 

The Sugar Hill” – Parts 2 –

You can also watch these podcasts on youtube

TWiT Live Specials 124: The Sugar Hill ( )

TWiT Live Specials 125: The Sugar Hill Part II ( )

Author: Rahul Bagal

Information Technology professional by career & a hobbyist photographer, trekker .

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