Creating Video of Trek

My desktop computer was having some problem due to overheating of processor so I was not using it.  Somehow it is started working well.  This machine is of  a good configuration (Intel core i5 2.8 Ghz , 8 GB RAM &  ATI Radeon 2 GB graphics card )  . I found some video recordings of our Torana trek done in Oct 2011. I am now creating a video to post on youtube . Video footage has been shot using SONY HDR-CX7 in full HD mode.

Today,  I am using Adobe Premier CS5.5 for the first time. With few tuts on youtube I am able to sequence all videos & add title.  I am not going to spend too much time on video editing. I will just sequence all shots.

It is going to take about an hour to render video in HD format.  17 minute HD video will be of about 1 GB size & it is going to take whole night to upload on youtube with my slow up-link.

I will post link to video on this blog in the morning. stay tuned !


Author: Rahul Bagal

Information Technology professional by career & a hobbyist photographer, trekker .

One thought on “Creating Video of Trek”

  1. Hi

    Congrats for your website, it’s really nice. Very good photography. The text is also very nice, very crisp and simple.

    I read the part on Harishchandragad. I had been to khireshwar regarding some work and that’s when I came to know about Harishhandragad. Since then I’ve been willing to visit the place but the plane has yet not realized. I’m planning to make it this monsoon.

    It’s really beautiful in monsoon. It’s like some different world you feel like when you’re their in monsoon. I’ll just share an experience about this.

    I was having food at the hotel where you parked the car. I was sitting on the table the harishchandragad on my backside. I just ate a piece of chapati and I looked back I could see the mountain behind and also a farm just adjacent and behind me. I then again looked from and ate another piece of chapati and looked back again and guess what I saw. It was all clouds and there was no farm no mountain nothing, just a white cloud.

    Just visit this place in monsoon. It’s Heaven.

    Just a feedback. Keep a check on your English grammar, before you post the text on your beautiful website.



    Mandar Bopanwar.

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