Torana Trek

Date of Trek : 1-Oct-2011

This video was shot in Oct 2011 during a trek to Fort Torana. Fort Torana is highest mountain in Pune district.  Photos of trekking are available on Picasa.

There is lot of information available on internet about fort Torana.

Velhe is base village of fort Torana. To goto Velhe village you can take bus from Swargate Pune or if you are driving yourself , there are two roads. One from Pune Bangalore highway & another from Khadkwasala – Pabe Ghat

We drove from  Khadkwasala –  Pabe Ghat route.  This road is not very sooth but if you love to drive in Ghats & enjoy rain in nature you can go via this route.

From Pune we have to go towards Khadkwasala . Keep going to Sinhgad. When you reach near to Sinhgad take road to Panshet.  Here you keep going  on circumference of Sinhgad . You have to take a left for Velhe on this road . Keep watching for signs of Torana fort or Velhe.   From Pabe ghat you can reach to Velhe & start climbing fort.

You can park your vehicles near police station & way to fort starts from there.

Rest of the journey is captured in below Video on you tube.

or open link

Initial post of Torana Trek:

Creating Video of Trek

My desktop computer was having some problem due to overheating of processor so I was not using it.  Somehow it is started working well.  This machine is of  a good configuration (Intel core i5 2.8 Ghz , 8 GB RAM &  ATI Radeon 2 GB graphics card )  . I found some video recordings of our Torana trek done in Oct 2011. I am now creating a video to post on youtube . Video footage has been shot using SONY HDR-CX7 in full HD mode.

Today,  I am using Adobe Premier CS5.5 for the first time. With few tuts on youtube I am able to sequence all videos & add title.  I am not going to spend too much time on video editing. I will just sequence all shots.

It is going to take about an hour to render video in HD format.  17 minute HD video will be of about 1 GB size & it is going to take whole night to upload on youtube with my slow up-link.

I will post link to video on this blog in the morning. stay tuned !


Tung & Tikona fort

This view is worth getting up early morning & 50 KM bike ride in the chilling cold.  This photo I took from a hill near to Pawana dam. There stand tall fort Tikona.


 A trek to Tung & Tokona Fort near Pawana Dam, Maval, Pune. We visited two forts Tung & Tikona in one day. Two unexplored forts & about 130 KMs of bike ride .. Amazing way to spend Saturday!

stay tuned on , I will soon post details of teak including map, route & photos.